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In a year, your contribution of just $30 a month, for example, would cover the cost of a surgical abortion giving a low-income woman or girl the same right to choose as those who can afford it.

Your contribution will go directly to the women who need it; none of your money will go to cover administrative costs.



The past 13 years

we have helped
2315 women for a total amount of $145,829.00

If you need help paying for an abortion in Broward County, the Broward Women's Emergency Fund may be able to help you. First, make your appointment at one of the following clinics:

AASTRA Women's Center: 954-792-9188

East Cypress Women's Center: 954-772-6200

Michael Benjamin, MD: 954-720-7777

When you call for your appointment, let the clinic know you would like help with funding, and they will contact Broward Women's Emergency Fund. If the Fund currently has money, they may help with a partial payment.

....because women’s lives matter
We need your help even more NOW since the election.  Women’s Reproductive Health is at a crossroads with the new administration. TRUST WOMEN