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How much does it cost to help?

The sooner you help, the better. The procedure becomes more complicated, and more expensive the longer a woman has to wait. Approximate costs are: $360 for a surgical abortion up to 12 weeks of pregnancy (plus $100 for each additional week), or $500 for a medical abortion up to 9 weeks of pregnancy.

How did abortion become an unavailable option for thousands of women?

In 1973, Roe v. Wade made abortion legal in all 50 states. Briefly, Medicaid paid for abortions regardless of age or ability to pay. Four years later, Congress passed the Hyde Amendment which cut abortion coverage out of Medicaid unless the woman's life was endangered. In 1993, the exception was broadened to pay in cases of rape and incest.

Before the Hyde Amendment, the federal government paid for 1/3 of all abortions; since 1977 it has paid for virtually none. Many states use their own money to cover abortions for women and girls on Medicaid. Florida is not one of them.

Janice is living in a shelter. She was formally forced into prostitution. Wasn’t allowed to use contraception. The person responsible is finally in jail. This will help her get a new start on life and possibility get her 2 year old daughter back.

Patients who we have helped
Not real names but true stories

Jennie’s family is homeless and contraception failed.  This was a very unexpected pregnancy.

Sarah is very nauseous and can’t afford to lose her job.  She is a single Mom with two children.

Milly is a single mom and doesn’t make enough money to support herself and her daughter.

Help a Woman Change Her Life: Fund an Abortion