How Much Does it Cost to Help?

Whatever you can contribute helps! Unfortunately, abortion care has become more and more expensive due to all the baseless legal barriers. Once the 6-week abortion ban goes into effect in Florida on May 1st, 2024, most people seeking in-clinic abortion care will have to travel out of state. This means additional costs for travel, lodging, and, for many, childcare.

A medication abortion costs approximately $700 and is available up to 11 weeks of pregnancy; a surgical abortion costs approximately $600 up to 12 weeks of pregnancy, plus at least $100 for each additional week.

Become a Monthly Sustainer

In a year, your contribution of just $50 a month would cover the cost of one person’s abortion, giving someone in need the same right to choose as those who can afford it. As abortion care becomes more and more expensive due to baseless laws and discriminatory bans, please show your solidarity! Help make reproductive rights a reality instead of an abstract concept, donate to BWEF today!

Your contribution will go directly to the women who need it.

Everyone loves someone who has had abortions!

How Did Abortion Become Inaccessible for Thousands of People?

In 1973, Roe v. Wade made abortion legal in all 50 states. Briefly, Medicaid paid for abortions regardless of age or income. Four years later, Congress passed the Hyde Amendment, which cut abortion coverage out of Medicaid unless the woman’s life was endangered. In 1993, the exception was broadened to pay in cases of rape and incest.

Before the Hyde Amendment, the federal government paid for 1/3 of all abortions; since 1977 it has paid for virtually none. Many states use their own money to cover abortion care for folks on Medicaid. Florida is not one of them.

Now that the Supreme Court has overturned Roe vs. Wade and trampled on 50 years of settled law, it has taken away people’s right to control their own reproduction. State lawmakers with an extremist agenda will continue to further restrict abortion access for countless people, particularly the most vulnerable members of our communities. Anti-abortion politicians in Congress have also made clear their plan to pass a federal abortion ban, which would outlaw abortion care nationwide.